Mission Statement

Breiwick Companies Inc. is dedicated to providing premier, environmentally conscious, large scale, landscape maintenance services while tending to the personalized needs of each of our customers; consistently, measurably, and absolutely. 

Company History

Breiwick Companies inc., was established over two decades ago by its president Dustin Breiwick and is currently located in beautiful Plymouth Minnesota. It got its start specializing in full service stump removal and snow removal services.

With a tradition of excellence, commitment to customer care, hard work, and continued education, the company has seen steady growth. Today Breiwick Companies Inc., offers a wide range of services including stump removal, association/commercial lawn maintenance, landscaping and design, association/commercial ice and snow management, tree and shrub replacement, mulching, plant and plant bed care, weed and pest control, and more.

Through continued education and by constantly updated our equipment and practices we are proud to be delivering premier outdoor landscaping and maintenance services to the greater Minneapolis St. Paul area. 

Key Staff

Dustin Breiwick

Founder & CEO

Dustin formed Breiwick Companies in 1998 while in college.  He slowly grew the business by establishing solid relationships with other contractors.  Breiwick Companies eventually became a preferred vendor for local city foresters. As the company continued to expand, he built the foundation of his success on knowing a customer's happiness is the best investment.


Betsie Breiwick

Office Manager

Betsie has supported Dustin since day 1 of business.  Helping wherever she was needed over the years, she has become the lead role in accounting and office management. She mostly works remotely, but is on top of proper onboarding documentation, payroll, finances and other legal responsibilities of the company and towards its employees.  


Toby Morrison

General Manager

Toby is an expert in large scale land maintenance with over two decades of experience working in this area. He knows about native plants and animals and invasive species, pests, weeds and the conscientious management of all of them. He is an inspector at heart and spends a lot of time keeping a keen eye on detail at our sites. He’s our main employee manager, and is great at it. He is known for being fair, but is also responsible for enforcing a high level of quality. He also bids and does sales for a lot of our contracts and knows personally and has regular meetings with all our clients.


Todd Anderson

Stump Foreman

Todd started with the company in 2001. Todd is an expert at stump removal. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work! He always goes the extra mile to make sure the job is done right and that customers are satisfied with the service they receive.


Simon Eichinger

Executive Assistant

Simon is Dustins right hand man. He is an editor, meeting facilitator, and idea bouncer. He's on top of the running checklist. He makes calls, prepares appointments, summerizes the plans, and is always learning and filtering a multitude of other things for the company.


Mike Berger

Foreman/Fleet Manager

Mike is the Breiwick Companies utility player!  Mike is a leader and sets the right example to all our employees. He has knowledge across the board and works hard to ensure our customers are satified and that everyone is staying on track!   





Contact Us

Breiwick Companies, Inc. 
14490 Northdale Blvd, 
Rogers, MN 55374
Office: 763-767-9230 
Fax: 763-463-1445