Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care

Our service includes professional mowing, trimming around obstacles, walks and curb lines, and power blowing grass clippings off of non-turf areas. We primarily contract with Association and Commercial businesses, but with all the different sizes and types of mowers we have, there is no type of job we can’t handle, no matter the complexity or delicateness needed. Breiwick Companies takes pride in the way we mow our turf!

We offer both traditional and organic fertilizers. Our organic fertilizer is safe for pets, kids, and our environment. Check our our organic product at

Weed Control
Weeds can be a huge and often unexpected problem. We are able to treat most standard weed issues, if we can get them early enough. We also offer service and guidance for many other weed and pest problems.

Spring Clean Up
Get ready for spring! Improper fall cleanup as well as managing snow during the winter can both be rough on nearby turf, leaving it in a poor state to flourish in the spring. We know all about this and are experts at getting turf full and green again. Our service includes complete clean up of all turf areas, landscape beds and walkways. Re-seeding and turf laying is an option as well as chemical aid to help nurture growth. Turf areas are de-thatched and bagged. All debris is disposed of at compost site.

Fall Clean Up
Our service includes complete clean up of all turf areas, removal of those millions of leaves, cleanup of landscape beds and walkways. Turf areas are de-thatched and bagged. All debris is disposed of at compost sites.

Aeration plays an important role in a healthy lawn. Aeration helps control thatch, improves the soil structure, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn.

Breiwick Companies offers a wide variety of mulch options. We let you choose the color mulch and type of wood. Mulch plays a very important role in maintaining healthy plants. We recommend a mulch bed to be refreshed every two years.

Irrigation Maintenance
We provide complete irrigation maintenance, from start ups to blow-outs. Have an irrigation issue? Let us fix it. BCI can set you up on a maintenance schedule to help get the most out of your system. Combined with a properly maintained system and healthy turf, you can greatly reduce watering costs. Breiwick Companies cares about our environment, and a well-maintained system is one step we can take to help.

Soil Testing
The best way to determine if your soil is supplying the required nutrients for healthy plant growth is to perform a soil test. Through soil testing, the current “fertility status” of your soil can be measured. This lets us know what nutrients may or may not need to be added to the soil to help it foster growth. Not having the proper PH in your soil can affect the healthiness and look of your turf. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture requires a soil test in order to fertilize and add phosphorous.

Breiwick Companies offers slice seeding for damaged lawn and/or lawns that have had their environment change. Slice seeding slices through the sod and plants new seed directly into the soil. This process allows the correct seed to be used for a changing turf environment such as maturing trees. It will also eliminate the need to strip the existing sod, till the yard, or provide a straw cover.