Breiwick Companies Testimonials

What our customers are saying

“I’ve hired Dustin twice. The first time was on behalf of the Board of the Towne Lakes Community Association, where Dustin provided general lawn and landscape maintenance to the common areas in our development – mulch, mowing, tree and shrub trimming, sprinkler maintenance and the like. His exemplary work in that regard led me to hire him to take care of my own yard and he has done an outstanding job for the past two years and I look forward to having him do so again this year!”


“Breiwick Landscaping Company is a great company to work with. they are very accomodating and willing to work hard to achieve customer satisfaction. In my experience in working with Dustin I’m always happy with his response time and attention to detail. I would recommend this company for your Landscaping and Snow Removal needs.”


“I just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU that you may pass on to your potential customers. As you know I have been struggling wiht my lawn for four years since it was installed. I tried taking care of it myself and then I hired two different commercial lawn care companies to take care of it. They both firtilized, areated and supposedly killed weeds. They said they were going to make the lawns look great. They said I had to increase my watering and it will look great. We had a couple of dry years and I pumped huge amounts of city water on the lawn trying to keep it looking ncie to no avail. there is very little top soil and the ground is a mix of dirt and gravel.

Then last year you asked if you could take over my lawn services. You said you wanted to try some new products on the lawn that you believed would make it look great. I think you said it was mostly organic. I was thinking that you were just another person trying to make it look nice like the other companies. I had nothing to lose so I said why not, give it a try, go for it, experiment all you like, just make it look nice. I must say that I was very impressed with whatever you did. In just one summer the lawn and shrubs had never lookeds as good as they did last fall. I am not sure what magic you used but I would never have believed the lawn would ever come back looking as good as it did. I don’t know if you even knw I cut way back on the amount of water last summer. The water bill alone dropped $1000 from the year before. There was not that much rain last summer either. It was almost as dry here as the year before.

All I can say is whatever magic you did I want you to continue! Please take care of the lawn, shrubsm, and trees again this year. Would you also take care of my residential property this year? I need magic there also.”


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