Landscaping Services


Retaining Walls

Dealing with retaining walls can be quite challenging. The experienced professionals at Breiwick Companies can work on a variety of retaining wall projects to make sure this work is done properly and safely. Call us today talk about what your issue is, and we will do our best to help or at least guide you to the experts who can.


We handle small to medium size land excavation and relocation. We have been clearing, excavating, and grading periodically for years. We use up to date equipment and technology. With proper grading and layout systems, we can do a quality job the first time.

Tree & Shrub Care

We do inspections and evaluate the overall health of all indigenous and/or popular plants in the area. We can perform many disease and insect treatments, fertilization and application of micronutrients. We aim to keep plants healthy and thriving throughout the year. If all else fails, we are equipped to remove and replace many plants and trees.

Irrigation Maintenance
We are very educated in understanding surface irrigation methods and pressurized systems, including micro-irrigation and sprinklers. We determine water availability and understand soil-plant-water relationships and how salinity affects irrigation. We can recommend instal and maintain the most effective irrigation methods and equipment for your area. We adhere to efficient schedules that eliminate waste but meet watering requirements.